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Hey welcome back to the fighting network, we are now on episode nine, looking forward to this talk today.

The secret to a successful life is not what you do. It is your motivation, but how you’re motivated is your own business. 

For me,  I love my Bible doctrine and that’s been a top priority in my life for over thirty years, I loved reading great books, one of my favorites, Jim Rohn, and all of Jim’s books.

But however you get your motivation is your thing.

Listen, learn the importance of discipline, don’t  entangle yourself in normal living where people struggle with being disciplined and they have a lack of discipline, plus do your job well. 

You can’t receive the winners’ awards in life unless you train by the rules and these rules that we follow, winners play by them and the losers break the rules.

An analogy that I want to use here is back in ancient history in the Roman Empire days S. P. Q. R it was a great time in history it was among the greatest times in all of human history .

Back in the days the Olympic Games was a big deal like it is today but back then it was a big in the days, the Roman Empire, the Roman days, the Olympic Games. 

Do you know the Olympic Games guys trained for ten months, an intense training inside a huge arena with very high walls and this is what they called their national gymnasium and they have some strict rules. 

The Athletes could not leave the national gymnasium for any reason at all, I mean if there was a death in the family you had to stay, you could not go outside those walls for any reason at all for ten months that was the qualification period. 

Things like diet was a big deal, everybody ate the same food, made no difference what event you were in if you are a sprinter or javelin thrower or wrestler everybody ate the same foods.

If they found out that you are eating any food other than what was on their diet or food list, if they found out that you snuck in some desserts or if someone came and visited and brought you something that wasn’t on the food list and they caught you, you would be disqualified from the games, that’s how serious it was.

The ruler of the gym was usually a high ranking officer comparable to the chief of police for example.

What they would do is they would have the daily plan set up with trumpet calls. 

The first trumpet call is at five A.M.

The first thing they would do is cover the athletes in oil, rubbed down massaging their entire body from head to toe. Then the athlete would go out on the field naked with nothing else on their body, pretty serious right.

The next trumpet call was to let the athletes know that they had to move to the next position on the field and if there’s snow on the ground, no difference, if you came out wearing a sheepskin coat, you will be disqualified from competing in the games. 

Everyone did the same exercise, it made no difference if you’re a  sprinter you did push-ups, they ran so many sprints, they ran distance and everyone did the same routine regardless of what event that you were going to be in.

The exercise master would lead the athletes and disobedience to any of the rules meant disqualification.

If you don’t push yourself just one time on an exercise or if you dropped out on the long distance run you are out!

You were disqualified, very strict rules. 

By the time that you get into the games you would be in tip top shape.

And, everyone had done exactly the same thing, to successfully compete this ten months of training, the athletes are now eligible to compete in the national games. 

The Olympic Games, the Isthmian Games, the Corinthian Games, all that training behind the walls for 10 long months and then the games began.

The winners of each event received the winners crown made of ivory leafs. 

For example a boxer, he gets beat up all bloody, his nose all bent, his eyes closed, but he wins that event that’s kind of like reaching the top position in your company and then you get recognition. 

The recognition was incredible.

The athlete would walk through a cut hole in the wall of the city with their name on the wall.

That’s kind of like the wall in your company when you make it to the top of your company and they post your name on the wall of fame.

Then the parades in the city, where everybody would be cheering for the champion athletes.

They even had a statue made of the athletes and put that up in the middle of the city.

Some of the benefits the athletes had were exempting them from taxes for life, education was paid for in full for their children and so much more.

So what’s the analogy, I talked about this in previous episodes.

Living the life in the environment of success self esteem and those ten characteristics of becoming a winner in reaching the winner’s bridge which is bridge number eight

Bridge five and six you have the motivation to handle everything.

One of the greatest dynamics in life is strong motivation means overcoming challenges in life, adversities in life and overcoming difficulties, problems and tragedies.

8 Bridges to Freedom  develops the Success Self Esteem, a new improved person like the Olympic Athlete who’s in tip top shape.

Bridge number One the  winner has to let go of fear because fear feeds on itself, it breaks down the body from the inside out, it works on the mind and it creeps up on you every day you feed into it.

So you have to let go of that fear 

Bridge number Two you need to have a plan 

You need to have a daily method of operation and it  has to be a plan that is simple basics that produces results. 

A routine, exercises that you do daily and everybody that joins you in your company, your business, guess what, everyone is following the same plan and the same exercise program and there are strict rules to that program. 

We talked about that in a previous episode.

The  Network Marketing skills that you develop and the Power Options those 3 skills that you develop in following your business plan.. USE TALK DEMO.

Bridge number Three is Teachability 

The teachability bridge is very important you’ve got to follow the rules and if you break those rules you’re not teachable

And, if you try to go outside of those rules, you’re out, I mean being an athlete in the Olympic Games you don’t mess around with that  

We’ve got to act like Olympic athletes if we are going to be successful.

We’ve got to train hard, we’ve got to follow the rules and be teachable, by staying very consistent every single day.

Like the ten months of training inside of that arena that gets you in tip top shape because strength is built on strength, you are stronger at the end of the ten months than you were regardless of how you came in. 

At the end of the ten months you’re in the best shape of your life and that’s because of the consistency and momentum that develops when strength is built on strength

Bridge number Four is the momentum bridge 

You gain that momentum in your business and you gain that momentum as an athlete by staying consistent with your routine and playing by the rules.

If we’re going to be successful or want to reach the winners bridge or want to get that crown of glory, we’ve got to make sure we cross these bridges every day.

Bridge number Five is that Personal love for your business, personal love for your company mission statement. 

Listen, these Olympic athletes they had a personal love for that event, being a sprinter, a boxer or a javelin thrower, that’s what got him up every day

And, got them through that rigorous training, the discipline, the pain and suffering that they had to go through and that’s the same with  being in business.

The analogy is you’ve got to love what you do for work and you’ve got to love the mission.

What is the mission? 

That mission statement in your company is very important and then you have to cross that bridge, which is something that has to happen daily because we’ve got to train, stay in the game and stay on track

Bridge number Six is such an important bridge that we have to cross every day and that’s impersonal love for all people and the circumstances they create.

You may not like somebody but you’ve got to treat them with respect.

And, you’ve got to treat them from a position of personal love and not trying to change others to suit who you are, so you will feel good about that, rather change yourself and let others just be who they are.

Bridge number Seven is that Testing Bridge we will get tested every day. 

Listen, these athletes had to get on the field naked all they had was oil on their body and if it was snowing out there, they were going to be tested.

I mean that’s pretty serious stuff, but this is what makes an Olympic athlete.

This is what makes a champion and this is what it takes a person from fear  to the Winners Bridge, to the crown of glory reaching that success that we’re all working to achieve every day when we’re building our business 

Bridge number Eight is the Winners’ bridge

Bridge number Eight is what it’s all about, but that bridge must be crossed daily.

At the end of the day when these athletes went to bed after that long day, listen, they slept well, you know why, they were exhausted from hard work, from the discipline and strict diet 

I’m sure they were hungry, but they had to go to bed hungry and you know what, it didn’t bother them because they knew they were on the winners track.

They felt good about the achievement of just making it through another day in that intense environment. 

What’s amazing is that through this intense environment we change and not our personalities but our character changes we become a better person and I call this the ten characteristics of Success Self Esteem. 

When these athletes went in on day one for this ten months of training, when they came out at the end of ten months, not only were they in the best physical shape, but mentally they were tougher and they were a stronger smarter character.

They were better a character after the event than they were before the event. 

That is the same with our business, when we are working in our business we have to go through this change, our character needs to change not our personality. 

In most cases when you buy your distributor kit, you become a distributor in your company.

If you’re going to build a company of people, set up a distribution channel to retail and wholesale your products and want to develop your leadership skills, guess what?

You’ve got to change first and then you can help others, you cross these Eight Bridges everyday knowing you’ll be tested.

Through this testing you’ll be able to pass the tests with flying colors because you love what you do for work, you love your mission statement, you cross that bridge every day and you have an impersonal love for all people. 

You pass through thought testing and all the tests that can happen.

Like bad weather testing, the negative family testing, the system testing and you go to bed at night, you sleep well because you say to yourself I did my best.

And it was a job well done you made it across the winners bridge that day.

By doing this day in and day out, by crossing these bridges, by going through this rigorous training every day, by not breaking the rules and making sure that every day you’re doing the same thing repeatedly, you get better at it then the  character changes.

Here are the 10 Characteristics of Success Self Esteem.

  1. Relaxed Mental Attitude 
  2. Stability of Thinking 
  3. Composure 
  4. Absolute Confidence in your company… they’re doing the right thing they always TRY to do the right thing.
  5. Business Confidence… in your plan you don’t question your daily method of operation you have business confidence in that plan.
  6. Good Decisions.. because of your character change you make good decisions from a position of strength versus a position of weakness. 
  7. Personal Control of Your Life… you feel for the first time in your life in control
  8. Personal Sense of Destiny… You know your future destiny you can see it, you can feel it’s only a matter of time before you arrive and reach your dreams and goals.
  9. Self Confidence… I Can is stronger than I.Q. You realize education experience, all of that stuff doesn’t make a difference in becoming a successful distributor, it’s the I can attitude and that self confidence that makes the difference. 
  10. Poised Self Control and there’s a saying “He conquers who conquers himself” and so being an athlete in the Olympic Games it’s very much like reaching the high ground in your business, reaching the top in your company marketing plan becoming a top achiever as a Network Marketer, very similar to becoming a great athlete training being prepared every day. 

What’s important is that we do have to change our character and understand that if we’re going to build a successful business, it’s going to take time like the Olympic athletes that went into that arena they were in there for ten months.

So when you’re starting your business, when you decide that you’re going to get started again, you’re going to get going again, then you’ve got to say okay it’s going to take me this year and next year and I’m going to focus, I’m going to build my business.

You’ve got to think like an athlete, you’ve got to think like a winner. 

If you cross the 8 Bridges every day, if you understand these things that you have to do every day, then no doubt about it, you will turn your dreams into reality.

The odds have increased dramatically, the odds have increased that you will be successful because you understand this.

Will everybody make it ? No absolutely not! 

Does everybody make it to the Olympic Games as an Olympic athlete? No!

When I was growing up I wanted to play for the Chicago Bears Football team as a running back, I mean every kid you know who played football one of their ambitions was to be a professional athlete.

But, the percentages of kids that make it is a low percentage. 

Well, in business it’s very similar.

We all have big desires and aspirations, but the reality is you’ve got to play by the rules.

So I hope that my podcast helps to lay out the rules to the game and the things that you need to do.

The point is, you can do this and you can be successful as a distributor in your company, because I really believe that being a distributor in network marketing is the average person’s best chance to become above average.

And, that’s what we want to become above average, you want to make sure you don’t entangle yourself in normal living. 

Do your job well.

You can’t receive the winner’s award, you can’t receive that crown unless you train by the rules

And, you’ve got to have that discipline, you’ve got to have that motivation, whatever it is for you, that is important, what you do every day to motivate yourself.

I told you for me what it is, what is it for you?

Keep your priorities straight every day, one hour in the morning, two hours in the morning, whatever it takes, twenty minutes in the morning, start there, work on your mind set, and work on your motivation. 

Because the secret to being a successful business person is not what you do, it’s, your motivation.

And what motivates you is the key because you’re going to need that motivation through the testing times.

These eight bridges to freedom are very important to understand, if you go back into other episode I talk more about that.

You can go to select products from the menu and in there you’ll see 8 Bridges to Freedom

It’s a free product, it’s a free closed Facebook group, join that group I’m starting to put good content in there and this will help to give you the material that you need to be able to go back and study all the parts to the 8 Bridges to Freedom. 

I hope this helps you, I know it helps me every time I share it.

As you cross the bridges the reality is when you love what you do for work and you have an impersonal love for all people, you’ll be able to pass all the testing that comes your way.

And your success self esteem is developed because of that love of what you do for work and impersonal love for all people those are the two major bridges. 

They overlap, what happens in the overlap is you become a better person and you become a better distributor and that’s really the difference in changing your character. 

You can also subscribe to my podcast, you can do that when you go to my website you will see my  podcast, subscribe so you don’t  miss an episode of the Fighting Networker. 

Until next time we’re together remember Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win so when you’re being tested fight for what you believe in because the harder you work the luckier you’ll get. 

Make it a great day, and a great night 

God bless all you do.



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