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Hi this is Jack Silva welcome back to The Fighting Networker I am really excited about our talk today.

This is episode 10, this is really great.

Listen, what keeps us from doing what we want to do?

Well there are a lot of answers you can come up with on that, but we must disregard past failures and past successes. 

Success can be a distraction that prevents us from advancing forward in growing our business, It happens all the time.

We must keep moving and advance toward our objective growing our business and not being distracted by the things behind us.

If we’re going to move forward, we cannot be distracted because we had a good day yesterday and now we take a break today or we slack off, we get distracted from that because success is where we get fat headed, It’s where we get distracted.

When we remember past success and live in the past, it distracts our future and becomes an obstacle which hinders our advancement in growing our business; I see it in lots of businesses actually.

If you live in the past with regard to your success you get into this approbation lost, a spot you don’t want to be in.

Approbation lost spot is a very difficult place to get past and you start going backwards instead of forward.

If we dwell on the past then we missed the boat of why you’re there in the present.

This works the same for our failures. 

Success and failure can be equally distracting and that’s an important concept to understand.

The issue becomes distracting to our momentum, to our plan and staying consistent.

So we must keep our eye on the objective, our basics, our business and the mechanics and not lose concentration from past failures or past successes.

We’ve got to stay humble because humility is teachability and avoid arrogance.

Arrogance is the enemy because it feeds on past achievements and present recognition from others.

We are always looking for recognition right, telling us how great we are.

Therefore, humility is destroyed, teachability is gone and you become distracted in your advancement in growing your business.

And, in your advancement what happens, it becomes a retreat because of this.

That’s an important concept to understand.

One of the things I’ve done in my career is to always go back and understand this, because we can forget that.

Once you understand that, your business will run smoother and everything will get better.

Here is why, it has everything to do with bridge number 3 (Teachability) that I talked about so much in 8 bridges to freedom.

They are like problem solving devices for our business.

If you’re not content, let’s look at it this way, because we’ve heard a lot about teachability, you’ve been to events where they talk about teachability.

Let me talk about it from another angle.

If you are not content with what you have right now call it little or much you’ll never be content with your business, understand that?

So, be contented with everything; contentment with your family, your finances, your social life, your relationships and with material things.

Contentment is based on your thinking; the thinking I’m talking about is the thinking inside those 10 characteristics of success self esteem.

And, that’s developed by crossing the 8 Bridges to Freedom & Happiness daily.

Success self esteem is a Character change, it’s in you, it becomes you, and it’s who you are the Winner in you.

Success self esteem 10 Characteristic: 

Characteristic #1. Relaxed Mental Attitude, 

Characteristic #2. Stability of Thinking, 

Characteristic #3. Composure, 

Characteristic #4. Absolute Confidence in your business plan,

Characteristic #5 Absolute Confidence in Your Company that they make the right decision.

Characteristic #6. Good Decisions, 

Characteristic #7. Is Personal Control of Your Life. 

Characteristic #8. Personal Sense of Destiny 

Characteristic #9. Self Confidence that you have. It’s the I Can Attitude is more important than I.Q. 

 Characteristic #10. Poise, self control “He conquers who conquers himself”.

These are a part of your problem solving devices; Success Self Esteem to grow your business, to be successful and to stay in a company to build a strong business by being consistent and teachable.

So contentment is something you learn, it’s a capacity for happiness.

Let me give you a formula that was taught to me early on in my career… Prosperity — Contentment = Unhappiness

It’s very difficult to be teachable if you’re not content. 

There are people that are anxious all the time, you feel like you’re under pressure, you’re always going, nothing wrong with that.

And, there are people that have bad attitudes and bad attitude is the enemy of contentment.

Happiness isn’t something that comes your way because you are prosperous or successful; it’s a lie when people are saying this.

Just go back to the bible, it’s a biblical principle.

I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I have, that means, little or not.

That means contentment is based on capacity not prosperity.

Contentment with money to spend or no money to spend.

Contentment with great social life or no social life.

Right now we’re in shut down, no more social life are you content?

Happiness does not come from association with people.

Happiness does not come from fame or money.

Happiness comes from mastering learning to think in terms of success self esteem, the 10 characteristics are very important.

Listen. There are 3 stages of growth in business and life.

But, we’re talking about being a successful networker.

The 3 stages are as follows

Stage one is the baby stage

We understand babies, they’re very teachable, they are moldable, they fall down bang their head, cry, they get back up, they keep trying, they fall down, bang their head, their lips bleeding and the parents are all upset. 

That’s right, the baby gets up again, falls down a flight of stairs, hopefully not, but I’ve seen it, rolled down the stairs and slide down, gets to the bottom of the stairs, little crying going on for a bit, actually depends on how the parents deal with that.

But, usually the baby’s pretty flexible, babies at the bottom of the stairs, cry a bit and then the baby gets up and tries to walk down the stairs again.

So the baby is very teachable, they are like a sponge, they want to learn, they are pleasure to work with and with so much fun.

The baby stage is a great stage because the baby is so teachable and fun, and they want to learn everything. After this they move to the teenage stage.

The Teenage stage is the second stage of growth 

Teenagers know everything, don’t they?

Today’s millennial teenagers are like… they know it all.

They can solve the entire world’s problems, they got it all, a teenager has all the answers, ask a teenager how to fix a problem they’ll tell you what you need to do.

The whole world shuts down, if you want to solve it, ask a teenager.

They think they know everything, that’s the teenage stage.

Some teenagers go through more time in the teenage stage than others   but, it’s a tough stage to deal with.

When you’re dealing with teenagers, you just have to tolerate it and hope they get through it pretty quick and without much injury, and then they get to the second stage Maturity.

This is how distributors are

Baby stage, lots of fun to work with, they have problems, they fall down, things happen in their business and they’re teachable.

If they lose a customer it doesn’t affect them because they can get another one because they keep trying.

Teenagers, forget about it, if things don’t work, they do something else.

And then there’s the maturity/adulthood stage

This is the stage where no one tries to prove anything to each other, we are who we are, and we are mature.

Teenage stage, you just have to tolerate and hope they get to the maturity stage, to this adult stage as soon as possible because it’s a pleasure to work with a mature distributor.

Adult distributors are teachable and they remain teachable.

They have everything; they have many of the success sell esteem characteristics, they may have some of them down and may need some refinement. 

They’re open to change and they’re mature and willing to learn.

So these are the different stages of growth.

Bridge #1. Let go of Fear

Bridge #2. Have a Plan

Between bridges one and four, there is very little progress in building your business and this is because your business starts to grow at Bridge #4.

You start seeing the first sign of momentum when you’re crossing Bridges 5 and 6 every day.

#5. Love Your Work.

#6. Impersonal Love for all people and the circumstances they may have created.

When you have #6. Impersonal Love, people don’t bother you, you don’t react to bad treatment, what happens is, the change starts to take place and momentum and growth starts to happen.

Bridge #3 Teachability is where you start to break out of the teenage stage.

In the teenage stage you can’t make it, you MUST get through bridge 1- 3 and  become teachable.

 Unless you break out of that teenage thinking, thinking like, I know a little bit so you think you know a lot.

Here is something very important to understand.

Contentment + Success Self Esteem = Prosperity.

Work on your characteristics and work on crossing these 8 bridges daily.

The teenage stage is where all the problems occur and it’s where most of the people quit when they’re in business, they don’t get pass it.

This is a test, let’s assume you have nothing, are you going to be content with it?

If yes, then you have capacity for promotion, that’s an important thing to understand.

I’m not promoting that having nothing is good, because you need certain things in life.

You need food, shelter, transportation and some other things to make life better.

I just want to be clear on that.

Bad ambition is a big tragedy and capacity must precede promotion,

If anyone prospers and they don’t have that capacity for self esteem, let me tell you I’ve seen it 100 times, they will be miserable with prosperity.

They might get the money and growth in the business, but they’ll be miserable because our capacity must precede promotion, so bridges 5, 6, 7 and 8 are very important at this stage.

Bridge 5. Love What You Do for Work.

Bridge 6. Impersonal Love for All People and sometimes the bad circumstances they created, but you still have to have that impersonal love for them.

Bridge 7.  Testing…

Bridge 8. Winners Bridge,when you go to bed at night you sleep very well, you wake up in the morning and can’t wait to do it all over again because your truly excited about the day.

If anyone prospers and doesn’t have capacity, what will happen is that they will get the money and not be happy, they were happier without the money, because their capacity was not developed from crossing these bridges daily, instead a quick fast success short term happiness. 

This explains many of the dysfunctional lives that people have, you see it in Hollywood, you see it in an athlete, you see it with musicians.

So here is the formula prosperity + capacity = happiness while Prosperity — capacity = great unhappiness.

So understand your strengths and weaknesses and be very consistent.

Be consistent with your priorities and plan.

Organize your day around that plan and use it as your daily method of operation.

And, there’s more than just business, you have to set all your priorities straight.

Only a handful of things and your priorities have to be straight, sit down with your new person, find out what’s important to them, that’s their priorities..

Ask what are the 5 most important things in your life? See where they

Whatever your number one priority in life is, build your life around it.

That number one priority is very important, so you might have to change your number one priority in life.

You need to make a big deal about top priorities, personal development, and spiritual development.

Work on that mind and soul, sit down every morning for an hour, because you’re going to be dealing with people, you’re going to be building a business and developing people.

You got to deal with people and to deal with people we’ve got to be straight in our thinking and understanding.

That’s why I love Jim Rohn’s books and audio content, he helped me so much over the years, Les brown and I talked to Les the other what a great person.

But, personally I get most of my strength from my spiritual life, you got to have it, that’s one of your priorities and of course your family life that is very important too.

Your family life is going to be right there, number 1, number 2 and then number 3.

For me I know #3. It’s my fitness, like my nutrition life, my exercise life, everything that has to do with fitness and nutrition, that’s up there in my top priorities.

You heard me go through this before, your priority, you got to keep your priorities and this is what’s important.

We must disregard past failures and past successes, be teachable and understand what we need to get past the teenage days; we don’t want to stay in the baby stage forever.

We got to get through that teenage stage and into that mature stage and be teachable and that’s bridge number 3,

So you’ve got to work on this daily…

Work on your mind, get your priorities straight, and make sure that’s top priority in your life; your personal development, your spiritual development, whatever it might be for you.

But, you’ve got to have your priorities straight and by never perfect by the way. 

I hope this helps

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Until our next time together, remember that Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win so when you’re being tested fight for what you believe in, because the harder you work the luckier you will get.

Talk to you next time god bless your day and keep the faith.



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