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High Quality Delicious Smoothie Mixes

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Join Jack on Clubhouse Daily

If you’re looking to achieve success in the coming year, then look no further than Jack’s daily Clubhouse sessions. With a focus on developing good habits and avoiding common pitfalls, Jack will help you build the skills and mindset necessary to reach your goals in 2023. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity – join Jack on Clubhouse today and make 2023 your best year yet!

Jack Silva

Wheel of Youth

The better your Nutrition the better your condition. My exclusive products since 1987 will help you get fit, gain more energy and feel better than you have ever felt in your  entire life. Come on in, look around we have everything you need.

The Elite Task Force

12-week work at home training course. A closed Facebook group a powerful support system to handhold and assist a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are teachable have a big desire to do better and have a willingness to work. With your commitment, you will have all the tools along with clear coaching  to help you build a successful business that could last a lifetime. We are 100% committed to working by your side every step, but in no terms do we guarantee your success. Your results will vary with those members in our community. What you can expect will be in direct proportion to the effort you could put into growing your home business in this new Gig Economy. May you exceed your greatest expectations.  Elite Task Force team leaders

8 Bridges to Freedom

Since 1987 being self employed working with amazing business leaders developing leaders as well as working with struggling people near and far has been the most enlightening learning experience in my life. I have made lot’s of mistakes and have also made lot’s of successes along the way. Being an entrepreneur a coach mentoring advising a teaching partner a friend working together with other great people we have changed tens of thousands of lives directly and indirectly following these concepts and principles in this program. Helping others through adversities and growing together has been my greatest achievement. 

This closed Facebook group gives me an amazing platform to teach my 30 plus years of wisdom skills also share the myths tips shortcuts and most important give my friendship helping others to achieve a freedom in life that is meant for everyone not just some people. Crossing these 8 Bridges to Freedom daily will bring out the best in you because of a new developed self-esteem a new philosophical viewpoint a mental tune-up that will change your life forever! 

Spiritual Development

Since 1989 I have been a serious student of the Word of God. I was also God lucky to find my right Pastor-teacher who has the gifted ability to teach the plan of God accurately from the original languages. Bible doctrine has been the most valuable experience in my entire life. The study time with my pastor teacher in my home church is a place where I get my spiritual development daily. My inspired goal is to share with others who want to know God and Gods plan for your life plus the true meaning of life. With over  5000 hours of metabolized Bible doctrine in my soul, I have been divinely inspired to lead a virtual Church group using a closed Facebook group. Join us to learn more.

The Take TEN 8 Week Challenge

8 weeks of consistency is a good time frame to turn a new discipline into a new habit then into a lifestyle. If a person wants to renovate themselves physically mentally and emotionally in order to get fit and tone, there must be a sacrifice. Getting fit and tone happens a day at a time, it happens a thought at a time, a decision at a time. It happens from inside out not from outside in. Over this 8 week time frame people are coached inspired motivated and taught a simple step by step plan through a Support system that works for everyone who follows along. If you do your part which takes just 10 minutes per day the promise is a new improved you. The price however is 100% commitment to follow the information in this news feed these simple steps will change how you feel think and look. It’s 8 weeks to get there, but it will be an effect that will last for years to come. So, are you up for the challenge? Great because your not alone we are in this together with lots of others in our closed Facebook group. One last important point, there are not a lot of bells and whistles in this program just raw basics along with some tips, insights, myths, and tricks that will put you where you want to be with your fitness objective and become a better version of you.

How to build a Successful Business from Home

An Exciting 4 Step formula for making more money at home being your own boss.

This exciting 4 step formula for making more money at home allows anyone to start an e-commerce business, but don’t worry; you don’t have to buy any products for your new business to make money. You don’t have to store any inventory you don’t have to have any technical knowledge. My partners and I want to help people who have no experience who are struggling financially and who wish to have a better life.

12 Weeks To Growth