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Hey welcome back to the Fighting Networker. I’m excited to talk today about a tool called AMAP, a tool you can use to grow your business. 
This is going to help you if you are thinking of becoming a distributor.
It can help you to build a distribution channel of people in your company.
It can also assist you if you want to be a leader yourself and grow the leadership of your company of people. 
This is going to help those distributors that have been around for a while.
Here is some insight that can help you break some barriers you’re facing. It can also help you grow and balance out your business. 
I would like to talk about the fact that as a distributor we have a map to follow.
I like to use acronym to represent this map and I’m going to go through it. I hope this makes as much sense to you as it does for me and so many people I shared this with. 

The acronym is A. M. A. P.  The A. stands for Awareness.

You know when we attend corporate training and events to get educated about a product.
And, when we attend meetings to understand the philosophy that we have to pick up as new business owners.
These are important because it helps us to stay within the boundaries.
It helps to understand the rules and regulations of the business that we have.
But inculcation, hearing those things over and over again, until it’s something we can’t forget is very important.
You attend a meeting then you go to another meeting, that inculcation of hearing things over and over again creates this awareness.
It helps us to get through challenging times.
it helps us to set up a business on a solid foundation and helps us to keep our priorities straight. 

Just like staying around other successful people, you know success does breed success. 

The awareness in attending those events over and over again, hearing the things you need to hear about the product and business and understanding the basics and fundamentals is very important.
You don’t get something when you hear it once, You need to hear it over and over again.
That awareness comes from the repetition of attending the training.
That inculcation of hearing those things over and over again until you don’t forget the important principles, concepts, strategies and tactics helps to grow your retail wholesale business.
So awareness is a big one.

The second letter here in AMAP is  M. It is the Mechanics

We basically have the same mechanics as network marketers.
I like to break this down into two parts, the first part is what I call the three power options.
And, the second part is what I call the three network marketing skills.
The three power options work for most network marketers.
Number one USE your products, using the products is an important power option.
I say power option because it’s your option to either use your products or not.
I know there are some distributors that don’t use their products, they are only interested in making the money.
They are  not serious about the fact that using your products is part of the mechanics of growing a successful business,
I say it’s an option because you decide whether you are going to follow these three power options or not.
The second power option is TALK to people.
If you want to build an organization of people, well guess what you have to do, you have to follow the mechanics and talking to people is a major power option.
The third power option is DEMONSTRATE your products.
That could be something as simple as sharing a video demonstration on how to use your product. 
These three power options are easy to put in place and anyone can learn these three simple skills.
These three powers will point you in the right direction for building a strong retail wholesale foundation to your business.
These are options, you decide, it’s your choice.
Nobody  will force you to USE  your products, to TALK to people and to DEMONSTRATE your product.
You have the choice here to succeed by applying these power options.
You also have the choice here, to fail by not applying these three power options. 
The growth of your business is equivalent to the income that you will make.
The more you grow, the more you make.
These mechanics are very important to your success.

The Second A in AMAP is Application 

You have to apply what you are learning.
Be consistent with that application.
USE your products , get a great product result, believe in your product and become that product of the product.
TALKING to people and that application is very important.
That power option of talking to people every day is a skill that you need to develop.
That daily application is what is going to cause the growth, and then DEMONSTRATION.
You can’t be demonstrating too much if you’re not talking.
The application of USE plus TALK plus DEMONSTRATE is going to develop your skills.
As a network marketer, it is important to understand that we have A MAP to build a very successful business.
And, if you follow A MAP it will lead you to the prize, just like it will lead anybody that can follow these points.

The P. stands for Procedures. 

The Awareness, the Mechanics, the Application are your Procedures.

As a as a network marketer, a right thing done in a right way is right.
A right thing done in a wrong way is wrong and a wrong thing done in the right way is wrong.
The only way of doing things right is if it is done in a right way.
So if you’re struggling and having problems with your business it goes back to AMAP. 
If you say to yourself, okay my awareness is there, I attend the meetings and I understand the products and how to build up my business, I’m becoming a good leader because I’m developing my network marketing skills.
Listen, you have to be aware of those things, so then you can say okay I’ve got the mechanics down.
You need to focus on those mechanics and the three power options.
If you have those three power options going on daily then that’s a right thing done in a right way.  
Application.You can’t apply these new skills  once a week
Well, if you’re part time okay you can apply them on a part time schedule or if you’re working ten hours a week.
The application remains the same whether you’re ten hours a week or whether you’re ten hours a day
In the procedure, the protocol is a right thing done in a right way.
It’s following AMAP.
If you understand the importance of this, you’ll have no problem growing and building your network marketing company
And, then enjoy a life long career staying consistent with these procedures and doing a right thing in a right way.
You can’t skip any part of the mechanics.
You can’t skip the DEMONSTRATION that’s doing a wrong thing in a wrong way, it is wrong. 

You can’t skip the fact that USING your products is a power option.                        

The procedures have to be done exactly the way I’m teaching you. 

Let’s talk about Attitude

You could have a good or bad attitude about things, but unfortunately so many people have the diseases of attitude, I call these diseases the DDR.

The first D. is DISTRACTION

You can be distracted by so many things such as friends, family and coworkers.

You might be distracted because you didn’t have a good day or you had a customer that wanted a refunded. 

Whatever that distraction is, all distractions are equal if it stops you from following your business plan.

So it’s really important here that we don’t get distracted.

If we’re going to be successful, we have to be consistent and our attitude has to be focused.

I’ve seen so many distributors that get started in their business with good intentions but because they get distracted what happens, they’re gone, they don’t make it, and the business fails.

Of course, no one wants to say they failed so rather than saying  they failed and didn’t follow instructions, they blame the reason for the failure on other things that aren’t true.

The Second D is  DELUSION

What happens if after you start, you get distracted?

Maybe you’ve had two to three weeks and things haven’t gone right because you’ve been distracted by friends or family or just your own self thoughts. 

The things that you’re thinking are distracting your progress and you won’t be consistent.

You start getting delusional and see things that are not there

You lie to yourself and start believing your own story and you’re justified rather than taking full responsibility and going back to the plan AMAP in looking to see where you are off.

Is it your mechanics?

Is it your awareness?

Are you attended your trainings?

Are missing that important edification?

Are you around the successful people where success starts to rub off?

Is it your application or your procedures?

maybe you’ve got a good thing going but you are missing some points and your mechanics?

Or you are missing some points in your application?

You don’t want to get into being a delusional distributor and it’s such an easy thing to do when you get distracted 

The next point is  REACTION

Reaction can destroy a person’s business.

You react in a wrong way based on your opinions and being delusional. 

When you are delusional and reacting, what happens next is that, you are going to have false facts and make wrong decisions from a position of weakness, this happens so many times.

Starting as a new network marketer the number one thing you want is absolute confidence.

I can remember when getting started in business.

They would say “ just  have a blind faith” but you don’t want to have blind faith, what you want to have his absolute confidence 

So here are 10 points on Absolute Confidence

  1. Absolute confidence is the first strategic objective in building your network marketing business. 
  1. Absolute confidence is the dividing line between the baby distributors an adult distributor 
  1. When you reach absolute confidence you don’t abandon the basics; the three power options and the three network marketing skills you don’t abandon those basics 
  1. Absolute confidence concentrates on the facts and by doing so resolves all problems of any opinions rejecting ones that are false. 
  1. Through Absolute confidence the facts resolve all problems related to people’s opinions and even your own opinions.
  1. Through Absolute confidence opinions that adhere to facts are resolved while opinions that conflict with the facts are rejected. 
  1. Therefore Absolute confidence is not controlled by opinions but by the facts. 
  1. Learning and metabolizing the facts, you go back to awareness. Learning and metabolizing the facts makes it possible for the right application to the function of absolute confidence. A right thing done in the right way is right. 
  1. Absolute confidence plus the utilization of the basics, the three power options the three network marketing skills accomplishes two advances in building your network marketing business. One true opinions are locked into pertinent facts. Two false opinions are rejected by pertinent facts. 
  1. Therefore absolute confidence utilizes the basics for advancement from baby distributor to adult distributor, from the bottom of your marketing plan to the top of your marketing plan. 

Principal when you come to realize that either smart or dumb, rich or poor, ugly or pretty, funny or boring, male or female, young or old, can achieve great financial freedom as a network marketer is the day that you begin to appreciate the source of our success and that is the beginning of true humility 

So what is the source of our success, the basics, the mechanics.

I hope this message helps you. 

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Until next time we’re together, remember that winners never quit and  quitters never win

When the going gets tough fight for what you believe in because the harder you work the luckier you will get.        

So thanks for joining me I appreciate you being here and until next time we’ll see 

God Bless all you do.