Simplicity and Clarity are the Characteristics of His Language. Jack gets Right to the Point with Natural Disarmament that Leads You to Improvement!

Captivate the Fascinated Attention of Your Audience Inspire Them, Motivate Them with a
New Understanding of the Causes to Their Setbacks to True Happiness Health and Personal Growth.

Jack Silva

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If you want a unique, make sense speaker that will get people working well together and get your audience feeling great about their future like you’ve never seen before you could consider booking Jack Silva to be a speaker at your next event. Jack is a seasoned team builder and knows the fundamentals for delivering the perfect message based on what that audience needs to hear.

Jack has inspired audiences of 10 up to over 10,000 he can speak on many topics  with passion, enthusiasm and  experience achieving some amazing life goals coming from his own struggling times.

His simple speaking style and clarity is his strength. His goal with any event is not just to motivate, but also to tune up the thinking of people which leads to personal growth and self improvement . Jacks trainings are entertaining and deliver life-changing results because of his proven insights and secrets. This means each person will leave with a  clear plan and a belief  in  Jack’s  amazing insights.
Jack Silva

Some of Jack’s speaking topics include:

Jack Silva
  • Over coming fear
  • Setting up a winning plan
  • Teachability
  • Concept of Momentum
  • People Testing
  • Loving Your Work
  • Life Challenges
  • True Freedom
  • How He Went From Being a Loser to Being a Winner
  • How to Live a Balanced Life
  • How Reach Your Full Potential


  • How to Keep and Grow with Your Job

  • How to Stay Motivated

  • How to Have a Life Long Happy marriage 

  • How to Stop Fighting with Others

Jack Silva
Jack Silva

Jack has shared the stage with transformational speakers such as Jim Rohn, Chiefs of Police, College Professors, Olympic Athletes, Olympic Coaches, CEO’s and many more World renown leaders.


Book Jack Silva to Speak at Your Next Event

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"Jack has a wonderful presence and energy.

“…It was such a gift to have you speak at the Rotary Meeting last week. I am the Town Clerk in Londonderry and we would love to have you on a local show I started called the Londonderry View. You would be amazing and you have such a wonderful presence and energy” – Sherry Cummngs Farrell

"I was privileged to meet Jack Silva by a mutual friend first as a guest speaker on our team conference."

“…Then I met Jack in person at an event he did where he affected my life. I copied his presentation style and adopted his winning attitude. I desire to be a leader just like Jack, but in my business career. He is my mentor and friend. I am enjoying the freedom journey like Jack teaches us. I love you beloved .” – Raymond Lenworth

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” I’m fortunate to know Jack over the years working with him building a business together. What I love about Jack is his energy and his way of staying ahead of the game always to be learning and trying new things. Jack has the mindset of successful people. I love watching him work, putting his tactics and strategy into action. I enjoy our friendship, and I am sure you will too.” – Scott Kramer , Business owner  and  DSA Keynote speaker

“Jack is the best home business coach we have ever had in over 20 years, because he is so clear logical and consistent. He makes people feel good with themselves yet still teaching what needs to be taught. Jack is the living example of what a person can become by following his simple and practical methods for living a happy healthy successful life.” – Monica & Carlo 

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"it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to work and be a trainee of yours. You are such a leader."

“… The path to success is crossing those 8 bridges to freedom everyday which also removes all excuses. I really appreciate the gentle poise you have taught me when having to say tough things. You are a great example of what you teach. Please keep on teaching. Thank you.” – Lulu Zaccaron

"Jack has been a guide and an inspiration"

“… as well as an example of the quality of being logical and consistent in everything he taught me helping me in building my own successful life.- Ivo Lodovichetti

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Want Jack Silva To Speak At Your Next Event?

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Jack Silva
Jack Silva
Speaker, Trainer, Author

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