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Jack Silva online is a support system of sorts where like-minded hungry driven people like yourself can learn and grow without discouragement of peer pressure.

A safe place to learn, experience, apply and grow as the effect of proven concepts, strategies, tactics, tips, insights, and shortcuts that grow a well balanced successful life.

Inside this JSOL support system, you’ll discover top shelf materials live-streams video auto and live-chat. Some of the most timeless secrets uplifting information on the planet

Jack Silva online helps good people in life do better for themselves and their families.

We utilize closed Facebook groups Clubhouse talks and Telegram audio messages as our channels of communication to expose members to instant support, ideas and confidences.

Jack Silva


Jack has been a guide an inspiration as well as an example of the quality of being logical and consistent in everything he taught me helping me in building my own successful life. Thanks Jack
Ivo headshot
Ivo Lodovichetti
Small Business Owner
I was privileged to meet Jack Silva by a mutual friend first as a guest speaker on our team conference. Then I met Jack in person at an event he did where he affected my life. I copied his presentation style and adopted his winning attitude. I desire to be a leader just like Jack, but in my business career. He is my mentor and friend. I am enjoying the freedom journey like Jack teaches us. I love you beloved !
Raymond Lenworth headshot
Raymond Lenworth
Construction Worker, Small Business Owner
Jeff headshot
Jeff Weisberg
It has been beneficial to me to learn the simple and clear instructions given by Jack about how to face and solve personal and professional difficulties. Now I Know what to do to follow the simple steps to become successful. I am clear!
Elisabetta Head shot
Elisabetta Pertot​
Small Business Owner
I'm fortunate to know Jack over the years working with him building a business together. What I love about Jack is his energy and his way of staying ahead of the game always to be learning and trying new things. Jack has the mindset of successful people. I love watching him work, putting his tactics and strategy into action. I enjoy our friendship, and I am sure you will too.
Scott Kramer headshot
Scott Kramer
CEO, keynote Speaker
Jack is a man who gives is heart and soul into everyone around him and never asking for anything in return. Not only have I seen him dedicate so much time helping others, but he has also been there for me as well. He was there giving me advice on my first time speaking to a broad audience. There for people in my company when I asked for guidance. There when I wanted to give up and most importantly, his voice, his message was getting me through my daily grind, and he had no idea. Thank you. Jack words can't express how appreciative I am for all that you have done for us. There are only a few people I call a brother,and you are one of them!
Todd headshot
Todd Krasnow
Small Business Owner
Jack Silva the one who teaches, not because he knows, but because he does and shows! Simplicity and clarity are the characteristics of his language. Jack gets right to the point with natural disarmament and leads you to improvement. Thanks Jack
Stefania headshot
Stefania Stefanutti
Nurse, Small Business Owner
Jack is the best home business coach we have ever had in over 20 years, because he is so clear logical and consistent. He makes people feel good with themselves yet still teaching what needs to be taught. Jack is the living example of what a person can become by following his simple and practical methods for living a happy healthy successful life
Monica and Carlo headshot
Monica & Carlo Vascon
Chemical Engineer, Gas Station Owner, Small Business Owner
David Micheal headshot
David Micheal Janvrin
Founder, CEO


- Gianpietro Groff Small Business Owner

Listening to Jack Silva and considering the many lessons he shared with us, I could shift my mind and receive answers on how to really go to the next level in my business, I understood what I need to say and to do.

- David Kaspar Small Business Owner

Jack Silva, thank you for posting this episode from your excellent podcast. All members of Stoic Practices for Success, checked out the discussion Jack and I had about Stoicism and high performance on his very own podcast, *The Fighting Networker* Jack is a member of our group. We had such good and fascinating talk, we went overtime! I loved being on your podcast, Jack. And thank you for the very kind words. Keep rockin' it!

Lulu Zacron jpg
- Lulu Zaccaron Small Business Owner

Dear Jack, it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to work and be a trainee of yours. You are such a leader. The path to success is crossing those 8 bridges to freedom everyday which also removes all excuses. I really appreciate the gentle poise you have taught me when having to say tough things. You are a great example of what you teach. Please keep on teaching. Thank you.

Cornel Henry headshot
- Cornel Henry Small Business Owner

Jack Silva has had a tremendous positive effect on my life. Jack has mentored me in my personal development, communications skills. Jack has helped me learn and develop invaluable life skills so I was able to make a big impact on my community. I have grown great respect for Jack’s conscientious principles. He is an exemplary leader, a philanthropist who strives to bring out excellence in others. Jack has impacted many lives in a very positive way, both near and far. May God continue to bless Jack Silva a purpose driven humanitarian.

Roberta headshot
- Roberta Grant Small Business Owner

I have been so lucky to meet Jack about 10 years ago at a seminar. He taught me his simple human philosophy through the concepts of the 8 Bridges to Freedom. I have been able to apply these lessons to my life to become a better person and to give more joy and love to my family plus build a wonderful business. When I feel weak I review my lessons and attend the live stream events that Jack offers and I feel better about myself. Thank you Jack for your great, basic, lovely, total teaching that I love. You are a great wonderful person

- Antonella Fareni Small Business Owner

Thanks to Jack I understood the neverending challenge with ourselves to be a little bit better today yesterday and tomorrow a little bit better tomorrow than today to overcoming our limits. We hold the potential to our excellence in our hands, we just have to work on it.

- Renata Sarcone Small Business Owner

I loved Jack’s cheerfulness and excitement in the way he communicates, that makes you understand his love for his work and for people. The graphs he had us draw on paper really helped me a lot, especially the mindset wheel that lets me see the things I have to fix that I couldn’t see before. Thanks a lot!

- Rodica Pociumban Small Business Owner

I got impressed by Jack’s love for his work for his products and for people, he puts happiness health and wellness of people his top priority. He talks with simplicity, sincerity, faith and confidence, and this shows love for people! Thank you Jack Silva!

- Mario Macaluso Small Business Owner

One thing that really got me in Jack’s talks is we must love people with our whole heart this is very important when we talk with them, it’s not love for the money we can earn but the love to really help them.

- Adelia Coero Borga Small Business Owner

What I learned from Jack’s training is being comfortable with myself and be 100% convinced about my business. My great results will attract people and help them to get to their results. Also that Fear is just a lack of practice and confidence.

- Maryvonne Inserra Small Business Owner

Jack Silva clearly said that we must concentrate on changing our mindset and our way of thinking. The 2 report cards he explained to us made me remember to work on myself every day with discipline and consistency. I loved this quote he said, “People are attracted by you when you are not like them.

- Giulia Lapaglia Small Business Owner

I was impressed by Jack’s energy and enthusiasm after 35 years of doing the same products same company same business. He shared that this energy comes from his personal love for his work and a strong impersonal love for all people, plus the importance about the time you spend working on yourself your happiness and the freedom in your life. Take care of health and happiness daily. Take care of your family life, because if you’re happy with your family you will become more successful. And don’t wish to be a President a Top Achiever wish to Think as a President a Top Achiever. Thank you Jack Silva!

- Giorgia Giardullo Small Business Owner

It's my 3rd time listening to Jack Silva talking about what’s in your hand your five fingers think of them as your five lives you live daily that we must live in the best way possible, because they are all linked together and each of these lives contributes to your happiness freedom and balance in life. Also the mental bridges you cross every day to reach your goals, he calls this “ The 8 Bridges to Happiness and Freedom” This time his words found me as a different person, because I’m growing and more aware this impacted me stronger than before. In these lesson you grow up, you listen to speakers saying the same things, in a different way and it all comes together. These business development personal development lessons give me what doesn’t exist in the “normal” world.

- Laura & Ugo Small Business Owner

Hello Jack, thanks so much for the outstanding training🔝. Your enthusiasm is contagious as well as your determination. Thanks for your tips. We took lots of notes to read again and again in order to improve and become great distributors of our products 😃. Take care.

- Milda Small Business Owner

The training with Jack helped me to become more aware that everything starts within me, and that I have to develop a better attitude and internal happiness.

- Gianpietro Small Business Owner

I've been in business for 30 years now, and after Jacks training I can see clearer why I’ve been stuck: the fear not to be good enough plus not having a clear vision of my goals. Thanks to Jacks advice I am sure I will overcome this. Thanks also for the inspiration to take more care of my personal development, because distractions become massive when you earn a lot of money every month.

Elena Small Business Owner

Jack I loved the difference between the two words, understanding and believing and you can't help others to change their lives for the better if you're not happy inside yourself first.

Roberto Small Business Owner

I've been on trainings with Jack several times, and I love how he can share complex concepts in a way they become so easy to understand. Each time he helps me to trim my mindset and fix some of the things not only in business but even in my life.

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