Why Network Marketing
is a Great Profession

Episode 1- Why Network Marketing is a great Profession
January 29, 2020 - 20mins

Hello from Jack Silva Online
In this episode, Jack talks about the importance of being a professional and having integrity as a Network Marketer.


Ways To Listen

Since 1987 JACK has been inspiring teaching coaching and leading by example, entrepreneurs young and old to step away from the the majority and become their best version of themselves. Jack has lived in 6 countries traveled to 18 countries speaking on big stages of 10,000 people plus as well as small events even living room talks with people who desire to be successful and live the good life. Today He is recognized in achieving the top 1% in his business industry. Jack is in the process excited about an amazing opportunity giving a TEDx talk on his birthday this year about his claim to fame “8 Bridges to Freedom” talk.

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