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Teacher, Author and Entrepreneur

Captivate the attention of your audience, inspire them motivate them with a new understanding of the causes to their setbacks and a stronger understanding the plan to true happiness and good health and personal and professional growth.

Jack Silva


Since 1987 JACK has been inspiring, teaching, coaching and leading young and old entrepreneurs to step away from the majority and become the best version of themselves.

He has lived in 6 countries traveled to 18 countries speaking on big stages of 10,000 people plus as well as small events even living room talks with people who desire to be successful and live the good life.

Today He is recognized in achieving the top 1% in his business industry.

He is in the process excited about an amazing opportunity giving a TEDx talk on his birthday this year about his claim to fame “8 Bridges to Freedom” talk.

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"Jack is a man who gives is heart and soul into everyone around him and never asking for anything in return."

“… Not only have I seen him dedicate so much time helping others, but he has also been there for me as well. He was there giving me advice on my first time speaking to a broad audience. There for people in my company when I asked for guidance. There when I wanted to give up and most importantly, his voice, his message was getting me through my daily grind, and he had no idea. Thank you. !.- Todd Krasnow

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“Jack is the best home business coach we have ever had in over 20 years, because he is so clear logical and consistent. He makes people feel good with themselves yet still teaching what needs to be taught. Jack is the living example of what a person can become by following his simple and practical methods for living a happy healthy successful life.” – Monica & Carlo 

” I’m fortunate to know Jack over the years working with him building a business together. What I love about Jack is his energy and his way of staying ahead of the game always to be learning and trying new things. Jack has the mindset of successful people. I love watching him work, putting his tactics and strategy into action. I enjoy our friendship, and I am sure you will too.” – Scott Kramer , Business owner  and  DSA Keynote speaker

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